Today Betty Crocker posted (or rather one of their bloggers) that trending in 2011 will be pies. ‘Pie is the new cupcake’. Read Article here.
Really? Is that possible? Don’t get me wrong I love pie. Pie is warm and comforting, goes great with ice cream, and with so many varieties to make can be made and or given at most any occasion. But to replace a cupcake with it? I’m going to have to see it to believe it.
Why? Well, consider the contenders here.

Pie. What do you think of when you think of pie? I think of warm, luscious, happiness. Apples and ice cream. Chocolate French silk. Strawberry rhubarb. Melty, messy, gooey, sticky, sweet pastry love. Pie.
See, I’m not a pie hater in the least. I just don’t see all that replacing a cupcake, because we love cupcakes for a completely different reason of loving pie.
And cupcake shops are just plain cute! I have to admit I have a hard time picturing little pie shops popping up all over the place like cupcake shops did.
Cupcake. This makes me think easy, one-handed treat. The just-the-right-size yummy goodness that can come in so many varieties it can make ones head spin. White, chocolate, red velvet, cream filled, fruit filled, frosted, plain, liquored, sprinkled, or even hard chocolate dipped. There are so many ways to make them, and still it fits in the palm of your hand. And come on, how can pie compete with a pancake and bacon cupcake? This dessert can be breakfast too?
Ok, in all fairness a pie can also be for breakfast and even be made for dinner. I can also easily argue that pies can be just as versatile as cupcakes. But what makes a cupcake truly stand out from a pie is the fact that you can hold it in one hand and eat it. You can’t do that with pie. Or, at least you shouldn’t. What a mess! Any GOOD, yummy, pie that would be as sweet and delicious as a cupcake would drip down your hand and be halfway to your elbow before you had the chance to like it off. Visualizing that yet?
So, I’m going to have to conclude that I just don’t agree with the prediction for this 2011 food trend. I say, cupcakes will remain the popular sweet treat, and pie, although a deliciously decadent competitor, will have to remain in the shadows for now.
~Semper Fi Momma