Author: USMC

Pie vs. Cupcakes

Today Betty Crocker posted (or rather one of their bloggers) that trending in 2011 will be pies. ‘Pie is the new cupcake’. Read Article here. Really? Is that possible? Don’t get me wrong I love pie. Pie is warm and comforting, goes great with ice cream, and with so many varieties to make can be …

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TREND REPORT: 2011 California Gift Show

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own, honest! One of the perks of being an interior designer is that I get to attend various “markets.” That’s where we get a sneak-peek at what the upcoming design products and merchandise will be. I try …

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Not a pastry chef? No worries-Delizza to the rescue!

I LOVE PASTRIES. If I could live on creampuffs and eclairs, believe me, I would. However, while my friends tell me I’m an awesome cook? My family tells me that I am a terrible baker. Pretty much anytime I try to create something sweet from my oven it ends in disaster. And yet you can’t …

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Who needs a glass of wine?

A few weeks ago I asked the question “What was the one baby product you couldn’t live without?” My answer was my stroller, but I think my answer should have been a good glass of wine. There are a few of us “Mommy Bloggers” who were asked to taste and review 2 bottles from the …

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